BAbylove Contributors

Luke Ferguson

Not only one of the best friends a girl could ask for, Luke is also a world class bassist, vocalist and producer. Check out his band at

Dave Tweedie

One of the heavy weights of the Byron circuit is, multi- instrumentalist Dave Tweedie. Already attracting a lot of attention is his project with singer/songwriter Jo Rigby, called TOTEM, check out their newest hit single, “Willow Tree” at,

Grant Gerathy

An extremely talented and diverse drummer, Grant Gerathy has played with many of the great Aussie bands. He is forever a legend in my eyes. Check out his other projects at

Jimmi Taylor

I was lucky enough to get one of Byron’s best on the ebony and Ivory, Jimmi T! Check out his current project, brining the funk with the “Lisa Hunt and the Forever Soul Band”

Jamie Pattugalan

Blessing the bongos, djembe, cabasa, triangle, and many other percussive instruments, we have Jamie Pattugalan :) For upcoming solo projects and appearances inquire at,

Shay Henderson

This young man has some rhythm! One of the finest drummers in the Bay, Shay has recorded with many of the local Byron artisits. Check him out at

Jeunae Rogers

Blessed with the voice of a goddess and possessing the beauty of true love, Jeunae was kind enough to sprinkle some sugar on my album with her sultry backup vocals and harmonies. One of my favorite songs is one of her originals, “Over Ripe Vine”, watch it at,

Peter Hunt

Singer, songwriter, and trumpeter, Peter’s creations are always right on the pulse of the one heart! One of my favorite  projects of his is, Kooii!

Alex McLeod

Extremely talented guitarist, teacher, song writer and singer Alex McLeod, manages to show the diversity and complexity of music through his unique creations.

Andy- Jans- Brown & Cozmic

When this band comes together, they always rock the waters and venues of Byron Bay! Check out Andy's newest double album at

Simon 7

Not only does he have an amazing ear, but he is also one of the most patient men I know! All tracks were recorded and mixed at Studio 9 in Byron Bay, by  Simon 7 and I. A pleasure to work with, book now at,

Paul Gormasall

Sharing with the fellow Byronites, Paul brings us 30 years experience from Mastering Labs across England and the UK. I am lucky to have his ears and savoir faire on my team. Thanks Paul, for putting the glossy finish on my album BABYLOVE.

Tommy Salmon

“Secrets of the South Coast” represents only one of Tommy’s many beautiful compilations. A brilliant photographer, with an impeccable eye for detail, check him out at,

Kristy Highness

Inspired by the magnificent fig trees and lush forests of Byron Bay, Kristy makes unique and and memorable jewelry that can be ordered at,

The Arts Factory

The Arts Factory, the place where we all started out as backpackers in Byron Bay. If you come visit this magical place, you should defiantly start here at this musical and cottage living, inspired hostel. Book here at,